Subject-Based Tutoring

The transition to high school can be very challenging for students. Suddenly they have more responsibilities and a greater workload. We are able to support your high school student by firming up prerequisite skills and helping them understand and learn the new material. EQAO testing also occurs during this year and, like an exam, often counts towards their final mark.
Many parents contact us to assist their child in the following courses of study:

Science      Academic (SNC1D)
Science      Applied (SNC1P)

Principles of Mathematics      Academic (MPM1D)
Foundations of Mathematics   Applied (MFM1P)

English      Academic (ENG1D)
English      Applied (ENG1P)

By grade ten most students understand what high school is all about but still need some assistance for particular courses. This is also an excellent time for enrichment classes for high-achieving students wishing to be at the head of the class for the senior years.

Science       Academic (SNC2D)
Science       Applied (SNC2P)

Principles of Mathematics      Academic (MPM2D)
Foundations of Mathematics   Applied (MFM2P)

English                                           Academic (ENG2D)
English                                           Applied (ENG2P)
Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing  Open (ELS2O)

The latter part of high school is the time for students to investigate new subjects and find out what interests them for post-secondary study. This often means taking challenging courses in order to be better prepared for future academic challenges.  Whether students are taking classes for fun or for post-secondary requirements we can help.

Biology         University Preparation (SBI3U)
Biology         College Preparation (SBI3C)
Chemistry     University Preparation (SCH3U)
Physics        University Preparation (SPH3U)

Functions                                                University Preparation (MCR3U)
Functions and Applications                       University/College Preparation (MCF3M)
Foundations for College Mathematics        College Preparation (MBF3C)
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life   Workplace Preparation (MEL3E)

English      University Preparation (ENG3U)
English      College Preparation (ENG3C)
English      Workplace Preparation (ENG3E)

This is the year that colleges and universities use to determine who will be accepted into their courses of study. For students, this is the time to buckle down and really think about their future plans. A few extra percentage points may be all that stands between them and their school of choice.

Biology         University Preparation (SBI4U)
Chemistry     University Preparation (SCH4U)
Chemistry     College Preparation (SCH4C)
Physics        University Preparation (SPH4U)
Physics        College Preparation (SPH4C)

Advanced Functions                                University Preparation (MHF4U)
Calculus and Vectors                              University Preparation (MCV4U)
Mathematics of Data Management           University Preparation (MDM4U)
Mathematics for College Technology        College Preparation (MCT4C)
Foundations for College Mathematics       College Preparation (MAP4C)
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life  Workplace Preparation (MEL4E)

English       University Preparation (ENG4U)
English       College Preparation (ENG4C)
English       Workplace Preparation (ENG4E)

This is not an exhaustive list of what we offer, it’s just the highlights. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us for more information!

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