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I have always been a voracious reader and I try to instill a love of reading in my students as well. Many of my teachers over the years have commented on how they would never see me without a book in my hand. This remains true today.
I also love to write. I have a tendency to write stories and never do anything with them. I have a children’s book that I wrote six years ago that is still being edited (and edited, and re-edited). Part of the problem is that I am nervous to share my work with others. What if people hate it? What if it is boring? “What if?” is something that we all need to get over.
I have recently been inspired by two particular students who have been working away on their first novels. I feel that I should do my part to help them, and kids like them, share their work and beat the what if problem at a young age. I want them to grow as writers and to enjoy the process and the result.
So, here we go- Leeds Learning Centre is happy to announce our first Young Writers’ Contest!

The Details:
Open to local students in grade five to eight
Story must be:
• between 500-1000 words
• written independently
• received by 6:00 on Monday, 1 April
• previously unpublished
• typed and double-spaced

Each story should have a title page with the story title, author’s name, age, school, and parent contact information. The author’s name should not appear in the story.
Entries will be collected by Shane Granger and judged by Melanie Chisamore and Becky Mitton.

Mail to:
Leeds Learning Centre
3 Court House Avenue Brockville, Ontario K6V 4T3
or email
By submitting a story you agree to the online and print publication of the story, student’s name, information, and picture.

I am very excited to see what our local talent has to offer! Who knows, maybe your courage will finally inspire me to get that book published!
Best of luck!

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