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Location, Location, Location

We don’t make decisions lightly or quickly. We have spent the last two years casually looking at other locations within Brockville that will meet our criteria for the centre. We recently decided to get off the fence and make a move uptown.

I had a very lengthy pros and cons list! We sat down and mapped out the distance from schools, from long-term clients homes, from local amenities and settled on five possible locations.

Commerce Court won!

At this new location we will still have four private classrooms for our individual lessons. But what tips the scale is that we go from the Mount Everest of stair climbs down to about ten stairs. We go from a hallway waiting room that is bookended by stairs and entrances to a larger square space that will let us greet clients without stepping on people. We also get central air so no more debate between listening to sirens and traffic, or listening to a rattling air conditioner.

But the two things that will make our clients the happiest involve parking and convenience. Downtown parking can be an absolute nightmare and circling the block is often an effort in futility. Now we will have two entrances and two lots for parking. Even better we are mere minutes from the power centre so parents can more easily take advantage of the hour to run errands without the white-knuckle drive back downtown followed by the inevitable block-circling. No more worries about endless red lights or surprise parking tickets!

Having said all that, I will still miss downtown. I like running to Tait’s for lunch, visiting the market, watching the tulips bloom, and seeing the Christmas decorations that light up our snowy streets each winter.

But when we really weighed the pros and cons we knew that this move will allow clients to more easily use our services.

A good number of our clients tried the convenience of in-home tutoring before coming to us, but knew that their kids would be better off in a more structured environment without the inherent distractions of the home. We have always provided the right space, but getting in and out of it was a challenge.

Hopefully we have addressed that issue and can move forward into the upcoming school year in a new space that works for everyone!

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